Break The Hook of Addiction

When we think of addiction we usually think of drugs or alcohol, but there are endless
types of addiction. Addiction has little to do with our behaviour of choice and a lot to do
with our mental habit. That mental habit is created as a result of a very old, and very
useful human instinct – the instinct to avoid pain. As humans we are wired to seek
pleasure and avoid pain, both physical and emotional. Much like we pull our hand back
after touching a hot stove, we also check our phones to avoid boredom, we crack a joke
to avoid social discomfort, and we may reach for a drink to relieve a painful memory. The
way our brain is wired, neurones that fire together wire together, meaning the more we do
something the more automatic it becomes. And there you have the hook of addiction.

Benefits of breaking addiction

  • Calmness
  • Strength
  • Pride
  • Control
  • Connection with your true self
  • Positive relationships
  • Long lasting relief

Here are some of the things we will focus on in the treatment of addiction:

  • Understanding our general beliefs about suffering and how that keeps your addiction in place.
  • Understanding how the brain works with regard to addictive behaviour.
  • Taking a gentle look at the emotions that the addiction is trying to avoid.
  • Exploring the price you pay for your addiction.
  • Learning mindfulness and many other techniques that will help you in dealing with the negative emotions (instead of avoiding them).
  • Relieving trauma, and its associated negative beliefs about yourself and life.
  • Looking at other resources to supplement our work (detox, AA).
  • Continued support through relapses and growth.

Recommended length of therapy 8-­12 sessions

Together we can beat addiction.

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