Change The Habits That Don’t Work

Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Do you know why?

There is a reason that we, as a society don’t let young children sign contracts­. We understand that their view of the world lacks experience, and perspective. Yet human beings develop many of their habits of thinking, feeling, and doing between the ages 0­-7, and these patterns remain relatively stable throughout life. While many of these patterns worked at a time when our world consisted only of a small circle of family, as adults these patterns have seized to serve a healthy purpose. For example, while the childhood belief that “In order to be accepted, I must take care of people around me” may have guaranteed your parents’ attention and approval, but as an adult this pleasing and care­taking tendency can be problematic.

How can you tell that your habits have seized to work in your favour?

  • You have ‘knee­jerk reactions’ to people and situations.
  • ­You feel that you have outgrown some of your old tendencies.
  • ­Your actions keep getting you the wrong results.
  • ­You want to change aspects of your life, but are not sure how.
  • ­Your relationships are not where you want them to be.
  • ­You are unfulfilled and unhappy.

I have developed a course of therapy that deals specifically with such troubling patterns. Here are the steps:

  1. Understanding the context in which the patterns were created. This helps in bringing the unconscious (automatic) tendencies to the surface where they can be explored and challenged, using cognitive techniques and mind­-body techniques.
  2. Coming to a full appreciation of the previous usefulness of these patterns. This is a powerful step that increases self-­love, and gentleness toward yourself­ – a necessity when creating long lasting change.
  3. Removing obstacles such as old traumas, and mistaken beliefs. Using both Cognitive­ Behavioral Therapy and Mind-Body Techniques we will release the obstacles that keep the outgrown habits in place.
  4. Exploring the ways in which these patterns affect our lives. This is the final piece of the puzzle -looking at the landscape of your life to see the negative effects, and the positive effects of these habits (that keep it in place).
  5. Finding appropriate alternatives. I will teach you many techniques to help you along the way to change.

Recommended length of therapy: 6­-10 sessions

Lets work together to create positive and healthy patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing that fit with the person you are today.

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