Leave Your Past Behind

Why do some people seem unfazed by horrendous childhood experiences while others remain shackled to their past?

The short answer is meaning. It is not our actual experience, but the meaning that we attach to it that determines how that experience will be registered in our nervous system. This is great news because while past experiences cannot be changed, our perspective is much more dynamic. Whether you experienced abuse as a child, or were treated badly by an ex boyfriend, changing your experience of the past is possible.

How do I know if my past is affecting me today?

  1. You have bad dreams, and/or recurrent images/thoughts/feelings about past events.
  2. You notice yourself reacting to people/situations in a way that confuses you.
  3. You have difficulty in relationships.
  4. You find yourself repeating past events (treating people around you/yourself badly).
  5. You find it difficult to move on with your life

Benefits of Therapy:

  1. Ability to have healthy relationships
  2. Break free from anger and resentment
  3. Break the cycle of abuse
  4. Let go of the fear
  5. Experience the freedom of letting go

There are many ways to access stored memories, and reframe them (change their meaning). Because we register experiences both physically and mentally, I have found that the only approaches that lead to long lasting, and substantial change are ones that include both the mind, and the body.

Here is a breakdown of the steps I have developed for treating traumatic events:

  1. Creating safety – you need to know that you are safe to discuss some of the most painful events you’ve experienced.
  2. Building resources – we will explore your many resources (both internal strengths and external supports).
  3. Bringing up the memory of the event/s. Depending on the approach we mutually chose to use (EMDR, Body­ Centred Therapy, or EFT), you will be encouraged to either tell the story of the trauma, or bring up the most vivid image of the trauma.
  4. Exploring the ways in which the memory is experienced in the body through physical sensations.
  5. Exploring the ways in which the memory is intertwined with negative beliefs about yourself and the world.
  6. Releasing the trauma using one or more of the approaches we chose.
  7. Incorporating the new understanding of the trauma into present, and future life.

Recommended length of therapy 8-­16 sessions. Lets work together in healing the past so that you can be free to live the life you deserve.

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