Move Successfully Through Life Transitions

Are you going through, or have you recently gone through a change in your life?

Even a small life change can overwhelm the most resourceful person. The reason for that is that in
every life transition, even the positive ones, there is a loss. You know the old adage ‘when
a door closes, another opens”? Think about it this way­ “whenever a door opens, another
closes”. Closing doors can be distressing, even when we know intellectually that it’s for
the best, and even when we’ve anticipated this change for a long time, and have looked
forward to it – we can still feel a sense of loss.

How can you tell that you are struggling with change?

  • You are quick to react with anger, agitation, or sadness to seemingly innocuous day to day events.
  • You are confused by your reactions to people and events.
  • You feel overwhelmed.
  • You feel sad and are not sure why.
  • Your relationships are suffering.
  • You find it hard to remain patient with your family.
  • You have low energy.
  • You experience an increase/decrease in appetite.
  • You have sleep issues.
  • You have anxious and/or obsessive thinking

To help you through life transitions, I have devised a course of therapy that includes:

  1. Detect the core stress. What is the worst part? (this might surprise you)
  2. Map out your unique style of reactivity. Your unique style includes your past experiences with loss, your fears and negative thinking around loss, and your strengths and individual resources.
  3. Uncover the deepest troubling thoughts that arise with regard to the event, for example “I won’t be able to handle it”
  4. Connect with the most troubling feeling (often fear) that arises in the body with regard to the life transition, and release it.

Recommended length of therapy 4-­8 sessions

Lets work together to help you navigate through life’s changes with ease, and calmness.

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