Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Do you tend to obsess, and worry? Do you play the same tape in your mind over and over again? Do you feel low? Agitated? Numb?

Then you are in good company because Anxiety and Depression are the two most
common diagnoses given today in the Western World. I see theses two tendencies in my
practice both as primary issues (what the client comes in for) and as secondary issues
(symptoms that accompany a primary concern). In many ways they are the same disease
with somewhat different looks. A person experiencing a stressful life situation may show
either depressive symptoms or anxious symptoms, depending on their biological makeup
and their learned patterns of behaviour in childhood.

How can you tell if you suffer from Anxiety and/or Depression?

  • obsessive/ looping thoughts or images
  • panic attacks
  • phobias (irrational fears about something specific)
  • Irritability/Agitation/Sadness
  • Numbness
  • Low Energy
  • Lack of passion/interest in everyday activities
  • Low libido

The benefits of Therapy:

  • A sense of calmness
  • Control over your thoughts
  • Tools to manage Anxiety/Depression
  • A sense of power
  • Gentleness and Compassion toward yourself
  • Mindfulness
  • Feeling happier and more fulfilled

Our work together will include:

  1. Education about how the brain works in anxiety and depression.
  2. Symptom management that you can start now to relieve the symptoms.
  3. Explore how these patterns were created (biological background and family of origin).
  4. Relieve any trauma and other obstacles (negative beliefs like “I have to be perfect”) that keep the symptoms in place.
  5. Create new patterns that lead to health and well-being.

Recommended length of therapy 6-­12 sessions

Lets work together to help you find the relief you deserve, and the life you want.

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