The Depleted Mother’s Guide to Wellness and Balance

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When a Depleted Mom walks through my office door, there are 2 things that I am sure of right off the bat.

The First is:

The demands placed on her outweigh her resources.

It’s simple math.

She is on call 24 hours a day, coordinating the home life, the family’s social life, and the children’s many engagements and activities. She’s a counsellor, event organizer, playmate, cook, cleaner, shopper, book-keeper, extended family liaison, night watcher, lover…

(and that’s just the work she does at home)

AND she does this on an insufficient amount of sleep, nearly non-existent community support and few (if any) opportunities for self-care.

In this job, there are no sick days, mental health days, weekends, or vacations. There may not even be lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, or momentary breathing breaks.

Now, the Second thing I know for sure when a Depleted Mom walks in my office is:

She is getting Emotionally Triggered left, right and centre.

Partly due to the stress caused by a high demand/low resource imbalance, she is likely re-experiencing insecurities, self-doubts, and old feelings of hurt and shame.

This might look like losing her patience with loved ones, and engaging in various Fight/Flight reactions such as yelling, instigating fights, thoughts of escape, or ambivalence (“I just don’t care anymore”).

Think of the bad feelings as an old injury that never quite healed, and is getting inflamed when your body is over-exerted.

This emotional vulnerability often makes her even less likely to care for herself, or reach out for more support – further enlarging the gab between demands and resources…which of course, makes her even more vulnerable and miserable.

And there you have it. She is stuck in an endless cycle.

That’s why when a Depleted Mom walks through my office door, I recognize it as the most courageous and powerful thing that she can do for herself, and her family. She is ready for something to change. She may not know WHAT can change. But she is willing to work on it.

And that is awesome!

This course offers YOU an opportunity to walk through my office door.

I designed it as a more accessible, and affordable format of therapy for all the wonderful (and Depleted) moms that can’t come to my office regularly, but want to transform their lives, and their parenting.


Hi :) my name is Tami Amit, and I am a Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, EMDR Practitioner and Depleted Mother Coach in Vancouver, Canada.

For the past 15 years, I have been helping mothers (and fathers) heal, and move from a state of Stuck to Unstuck .

And from feelings of Depletion, Confusion and Hurt to ones of



and Calm.

How does that sound?

In this course, I share with you 19 transformative Therapeutic Tools that I have designed over the past 15 years as a Depleted Mother Coach.

The simple Video Tutorials will guide you through each transformative tool. After each tutorial, you will have further coaching in the form of a check-in with yourself, a short homework assignment and/or a special gift.

Finally, I am merely an email away for any questions, or advice (just click the contact teacher link at the end of each tutorial).

I just LOVE these tools. Be prepared for many ‘Ah-has’, “Holy Craps” and “That makes so much freaking sense!”.

Be prepared for Relief.

And a sense of things finally fitting into place…

Here is THE GIST…

  • You will receive 19 lessons of powerful therapeutic tools, including EMDR, EFT, Focusing, Imago Couple Therapy, Art Therapy, Therapeutic Imagery & Hypnosis, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Life-Coaching.
  • The course is designed for ALL types of learners – with visual, auditory and tactile cues.
  • Self-paced Video Tutorials, Online support, Regular check-ins and lovely Treats.
  • Most of the videos can be viewed/listened to with children present, or while doing another activity
  • All the video tutorials can be watched on your Phone, Tablet or Desktop

Purchase TODAY and receive 3 Bonus Lessons:

  • Re-wiring Your Brain for Happiness
  • Imprinting Rest, Relaxation, and Respite into your Nervous System
  • Coaching for Work-Life Balance

“The other day my daughter said ‘mommy, you’re not grumpy like before’ LOL” (Joyce, teacher and mother of 2)

“I love these videos. I feel calmer and happier and my family is calmer and happier too. Thank you!” (Rebecca, stay-at-home mother of 2)

“Holy crap! I’m learning so much about myself here, It makes much more sense why I sometimes react the way that I do” (Danielle, artist and mother of 1)

5 important reasons for joining this course TODAY:

 1. You deserve to be happy! You really really do!

 2. Your family NEEDS you to be happy! When you’re on an airplane, the flight attendants instruct you to put on your OWN oxygen mask first, and only then, your child’s. Because if YOUR basic needs are not met, you simply cannot help anyone else. The same applies to everyday parenting. If you are unhappy, eruptive and dissatisfied – you simply cannot give your chid the nurturing, and guidance that she needs.

 3. Chronic stress is REALLY BAD for you! Studies show that most if not all of our ailments are caused by inflammation in the body. Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of inflammation.

 4. You’re going to blink, and it’s all going to be over! I know some days you can’t wait until the kids are older, but talk to anyone who is on the other side of this part of mommy hood and she will tell you “enjoy it as much as you can cause it will be over before you know it”.

 5. Enough is enough! Things are not going to get better unless YOU do something about it. I know, I know…the last thing you need is another thing on your plate. Believe me I’ve been there. But, if YOU don’t begin to take care of YOU – things will continue to get worse. Now is the time!

It would be my honour to guide you, alongside hundreds of other moms – toward a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.